opinionated. Let me tell him if you give me three days to think about it. But anyway, thank you for being so enthusiastic about this.”

“All right,” Sister Hu sighed, “I’m just afraid that he would delay you.”
After Sister Hu went home, Yang Xiaojin suddenly 西安品茶网 felt this place. It’s more homely. Not only do you have your own money-making business, but also neighbors of all kinds. Aunts and old ladies are talking about the parents, and there is the sound of rubbing mahjong not far away.
There are piles of briquettes at the door of every house, and if someone is stolen, they will call the thief at the door in the morning.
Of course, there are relatively few things like throwing briquettes, otherwise everyone might move the briquettes to the backyard.
In Yang Xiaojin’s eyes, all these are human touches.
Yang Xiaojin returned to the house and said to Ren Xiaosu, “Sister Hu introduced you to a temporary job in the administrative center. Are you going?”
Ren Xiaosu couldn’t laugh or cry: “What am I going to do? The administrative center is the place where the residents are responsible for handling 西安洗浴网 procedures. , I have never done anything like this.”
“It’s up to you. Anyway, I told her to think about it for three days. If you don’t want to go, I will refuse her after three days.” Yang 西安夜生活论坛 Xiaojin smiled: “But I But I think it’s not bad for you to work in the administrative center, so that I can be regarded as a backer in the barrier, and I will be very decent to chat with the aunt and sister.”
“Okay, you will tease people too,” Ren Xiaosu smiled: “But I think you smiled more than before when you came to the northwest.” The
two still woke up early every day to go to the vegetable market to sell potatoes. At first, Yang Xiaojin sold them. The potatoes are cheaper than other vegetable stalls, and I only hope they can sell faster, but Ren Xiaosu tells her not to.
Because this kind of livelihood is a kind of experience life for them, but for other stall owners, it is a business to support their fa