d there were ruined walls everywhere.

In the distant depths, there was still some lifeless air faintly infiltrating here.
The Emperor Ming also looked into the distance: “Find the core of the Celestial Abyss Realm and integrate this realm into the Necro Realm! It is equivalent to opening up a small realm in the Necro Realm, just like the Heavens and Myriad Realms!”
Su Yu nodded, the same is true of the Ten Thousand Realms. There was no small realm in the first place. Later, some people opened up the little realm, and then the ten thousand realms came into being.
“It’s not difficult to open a boundary!”
Su Yu nodded, “Actually, as long as you have the ability to join forces, you can open up. The 西安品茶网 realm that is opened is different in strength! The Heavenly Abyss Realm is still strong, and we don’t need to open the boundary by ourselves, the key is It lies in how to stop the lifeless invasion after being integrated into it. ”
This is the difficulty!
Minghuang smiled and said: “This requires the technique of petrification! Back then, King Gong’s petrification technique was 西安夜网论坛 still good at blocking death. You can see the guards. It hasn’t been invaded for 100,000 years.”
Su Yu Weiwei Startled, the technique of petrification!
And now I seem to have mastered a petrification technique, Qi Rong!
Pseudo-dao king, that is also the king!
It doesn’t take a hundred thousand years, just a few hundred years, right?
If not, can it be done for decades?
“Outside the realm, the entire realm has one layer of petrification”
Su Yu murmured, and Minghuang shook his head: “No need, just petrify at some weak points. The Celestial Abyss realm is not weak, and the boundary wall has the ability to resist, not everywhere. There is dead
energy infiltrating in!” Su Yu nodded, but it is the best if it can be all petrified!
Qi Rong!
Su Yu is not good at petrification. Thinking of this, Su Yu summoned Qi Rong instantly.
The corner of Minghuang’s mouth twitched!
Go to your uncle!